Homemade made easy with the Kenwood kCook.

The kCook is a time-saving and hassle free food processor that gives you the confidence to create delicious healthy meals and go way beyond the weekday staples for family dinners. It chops ingredients to the perfect consistency, stirs them together and cooks or steams them for a delicious meal for up to four people.

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Saving You Time And Energy On Family Meals

With the kCook, there’s no more slaving over the stove, which means more time spent relaxing with your family.

From hearty stews and curries, to fresh steamed fish and veg, the kCook has a generous 1.5 litre bowl to cook plenty of food for everyone.

What’s more, the bowl, tools and lid can all be popped in the dishwasher after use.

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Simple Tools To Get The Job Done 

No matter whether you’re making a staple favourite, or adding a brand new dish to your repertoire, with your kCook you will receive the processing blade tool for chopping, the stirring paddle for combining your ingredients and a steaming basket. 

Everything you need to make fresher, healthier meals with ease.

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Clever And Flexible Settings

The kCook has intelligent pre-set recipe settings for soups and sauces, steaming and one pot meals such as risottos and curries.

Feeling confident? Use the manual settings to adjust temperature and timings. Then just let the machine do all of the hard work!

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Hundreds Of Recipes To Get You Started

With the kCook app at your fingertips, you will have plenty of step-by-step recipes at your disposal, organised by kCook function as well as course. No more flicking through endless recipe books to become inspired!

The app is completely free, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.

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