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  • Are the parts dishwasher safe?

    Many Kenwood Hand Blenders have dishwashable parts, however it is often a product specific feature so for more information see the individual product pages. The motor housing of a Hand Blender is never dishwashable.

  • Can I process hot ingredients?

    Yes. You can process hot ingredients with a Kenwood Hand Blender. However, you must be very careful, it is highly advised that you do not fill the container you are using very high, as hot liquids spill easier than cold or room temperature ones, and are a lot more dangerous when they do.

  • Can my Hand Blender crush ice?

    For safety reasons, this is not advised. If you wish to crush ice a Kenwood Blender would be more appropriate.

  • How should I prepare ingredients before blending?

    Not too much preparation has to be done, a Hand Blender is a powerful tool designed to puree’ things so it is more than capable of coping with most ingredients. The two golden rules are that the ingredients should fit in the beaker, and that you should be sensible, a whole apple is not going to blend easily, but cut into quarters it should be an easy task for your Hand Blender.

  • What are all the attachments for a Hand Blender?

    Hand Blenders can have many attachments, They can have balloon whisk attachments for whisking light creams and frothing mixtures. Some Hand Blenders come with a spindle mixer for drinks and liquid mixtures. A mini chopper is a popular attachment for a hand Blender, giving it the ability to chop without liquidising. And most Hand Blenders in the Kenwood range come with a beaker for mixing in too.

  • What are Hand Blenders used for?

    Hand Blenders are very versatile tools, they are designed to be easy to use and easy to store. The main attachment is for blending small amounts, but many come with a whisk. They are supposed to be smaller substitutes to larger and more expensive appliances.

  • Will processing hard ingredients damage a Hand Blender?

    No. Kenwood Hand blenders are made to be functional so they should not break under the stresses of doing their job. However, if you are unsure then try to use a metal blending wand as opposed to a plastic one.

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