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Homemade goodness

With a Kenwood Kitchen Machine, cooking from scratch has never been easier. Take pleasure in creating healthier food that your friends and family will love eating. Discover some of our favourite recipes below.
Beetroot is a delicious addition to brownies. These gluten-free baked goods are rich and have a beautiful moist texture.
Protein balls are quick and simple to make, and are a great on-the-go snack. Make a batch and enjoy at work or before the gym.
For a leaner twist on burgers, try using turkey. Top with a homemade guacamole for added flavour and freshness.
Accompany dishes with a colourful salad. The Dicer Attachment helps you chop vegetables to perfection.
Use the Citrus Juicer Attachment to make homemade juice. The orange will give you that all-important vitamin C boost.

Explore more Kitchen Machine recipes

The possibilities are limitless with a Kenwood Kitchen Machine and the wide range of additional attachments available. Try something new today.