kCook Multi

Taking care of cooking.
Making time for living.

Weekday evenings are so busy. Finding fresh inspiration and enough time to make a variety of tasty, healthy meals can sometimes be difficult.

With kCook Multi its easy to create homemade meals with just the one appliance.

Save even more time

This new cooking food processor will tackle a multitude of kitchen tasks with simplicity and ease, saving you time.

Preparing food directly where you need it. The rotating ‘Direct Prep’ attachment will continuously slice, grate and shred, straight into the main cooking bowl or onto a separate plate or serving dish. Perfect for meal accompaniments.

High heat. Low heat. The kCook Multi does it all.

From slow cooking to frying and browning, there is a wide temperature range for a variety of cooking functions. Lower temperatures are perfect for melting whilst the ‘keep warm’ setting means dinner is ready when you are.

The versatile system provides a serving pot generous enough to create family meals, with stirring, blending and steaming functions with a food processor to prepare ingredients and direct into the pot or straight to the plate.

Over 100 recipes to explore!

The accompanying kCook Multi App provides cooking inspiration, each and every day. Carefully tailored recipes work in perfect harmony with pre-set functions to help you create tasty meals for the whole family.

Main Meal

Create a wide range of family favourites with ease, such as risotto, chilli and curry, or a slow cooked stew.


From Bolognese to Béchamel sauce, or even purees for the little ones, this program makes scratch cooking quick and simple.


A healthy way to cook vegetables, chicken and fish, steaming helps to retain essential vitamins.


Effortlessly create flavoursome broths and warm, hearty soups with the soup program.

Stir Fry

Stir fry vegetables and meat to create delicious accompaniments to rice and noodles, or add to tortilla wraps for fajitas.


The dessert program enables you to make dough, along with sweet sauces like crème patisserie – a great filling for trifles, cakes and pastries.


    Chop ingredients directly in the bowl and for blending during cooking. Great for soups, sauces aand even baby food.


    Gently stirs to incorporate all the ingredients without breaking up the contents and spoiling the texture. Perfect for preparing risottos and stews.


    For light recipes such as meringues, sabayon, mayonnaise as well as stirring sauces.


    Used to prepare freshly steamed whole fish,chicken and vegetables. The tray is separate allowing you to steam and cook using the bowl at the same time.


    Slice or grate food either directly into the kCook MULTI bowl or in to bowls for use in other dishes etc.