Food Processors - Affordable Healthy Eating


Top five tips

When it comes to healthy eating, we’re increasingly conscious of the nutritional value of what’s on our plate. We’re also mindful of how much we’re spending on food. To help you eat well for less, we’ve pulled together our favourite tips.


#1 Experiment with homemade dips

Perfect for sharing, a delicious dip is hard to beat, and there are so many variations. Eliminate all of the hard work with our versatile Multipro food processors. Any leftovers will make a delicious pasta sauce.


#2 Fuel yourself with flapjacks and bars

Boost your energy levels with a flapjack or raw bar. Experiment with a carrot flapjack recipe, combining oats in a food processor and using honey as a natural sweetener. A large batch will satisfy your friends and family too!


#3 Batch cook nourishing dinners

Make your food go further by repurposing or batch cooking. Create powerful flavours in moments with our food processors. Try blending garlic, chilli, ginger, lemongrass, shallots and coriander to create a sensational Thai curry.


#4 Accompany every meal with a nutritious side

Create an invigorating vegetable-based side for each meal to ensure you get your vitamin quota. This low-cost ratatouille recipe is quick to make with a food processor and is packed full of vegetable goodness.


#5 Bake your own bread

Along with being cost-effective, bread is easy to make with a food processor. Experiment with flavours by adding ingredients such as herbs or olives. You can use this sun dried tomato bread recipe as a base, and get inventive!