Multipro Classic Food Processor Silver FDM791BA

  • Solid brushed metal body

    Solid brushed metal body

    The solid brushed metal body and handle add both durability and style to the Mutlipro Sense.

  • In bowl drive

    In bowl drive

    The specially designed in bowl drive increases the bowl capacity, as there is no need for a central spindle.

  • 3 litre bowl

    3 litre bowl

    The 3 litre bowl is the perfect size to feed all the family and comes with a wide range of attachments so you can chop, knead or  whisk up a wide range of delicious meals.

  • Built in scales

    Built in scales

    Built in scales and a handy tare (zero) button save time by allowing ingredients to be weighed directly into the bowl.

  • 1.5 litre ThermoResist blender

    1.5 litre ThermoResist blender

    Specially designed heatproof glass allows for blending of both hot and cold ingredients, with no fear of cracking or shattering.

  • Variable speed control and pulse

    Variable speed control and pulse

    Variable speed settings and pulse function gives you total control over your cooking for perfect results every time.

  • Dual drive

    Dual drive

    The dual drive system automatically adjusts to allow both a food processor and a blender to be run from the same power base, thereby saving valuable space.

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