Cooking and Baking

From slow cookers, induction hobs, sandwich makers and food steamers, there's a variety of Kenwood tabletop cooking and baking kitchen appliances to cater for your culinary needs.

  • Breadmakers


    Baking your own bread can be a truly rewarding experience with a Kenwood Bread Maker.

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  • Slow Cookers

    Slow Cookers

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  • Health Grill

    Health Grill

    Grill juicy steaks and whip up stir-fry with as little grease as possible with the Kenwood Health Grill.

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  • Sandwich Makers

    Kenwood Sandwich Makers

    Convenient, quick and easy to use, Kenwood Sandwich Makers are ideal for busy lifestyles and make the perfect kitchen companion.

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  • Ovens


    The Kenwood Oven Toaster is a compact, stylish toaster and grill perfect for light grilling, crisping, melting and toasting.

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