Enjoy your drink at the perfect temperature

Not all varieties of tea taste their best when brewed at 100°C. With the variable temperature control on the SJM610 Persona 1.6 litre quiet kettle, you can brew hot drinks from as low as 70°C, perfect for delicate white and green teas, up to 100°C, best for more traditional black teas.

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Helping you brew the perfect cup of tea

The user friendly LCD screen clearly displays the selected temperature and an optional sound alert at the end of the award-winningly quiet brewing cycle lets you know that the water is ready. But don’t worry if you miss the sound alert: the Persona kettle’s keep warm functionality will automatically switch on once the brewing cycle is finished, keeping the water at the optimum temperature.

In addition, the premium aluminium body and high polish features make this kettle a stylish and highly functional addition to any kitchen.

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