Editing Product Pages

3. Edit Product pages

Content Tab

  • Set Product Colour Variants where applicable
  • kMix
  • Metallics

  • Set Listing image and text. This is shown when the product is referenced on other pages on the site.
  • Hero image will automatically cascade from System. Alt text must be filled. This is a text representation of the image (typically the model name and number)
  • Set Video links. 
  • Videos can be from Youtube or Videomark.

  • Set Related products links. This is for colour sets, e.g. on a Raspberry kettle, the related products would be Raspberry toaster, Raspberry coffee maker etc...
  • Set Related attachments. This is for attachments that can be purchased for use with the product. Attachments that come with the product will be set later in What's in the box.
  • Set Footer promotional boxes. These will override any set in the Site Configuration or at the Catergory / Sub category level.

Overview Tab

  • This forms the main page body. The image and text both has to be filled in Overview Tab for it to show up in front end. 
  • For example, “Image 2”,       “Image2 alt text” and “Image2 text area” must all be filled so that these sections of “image 2” displays in the front end.
  • Images 2 and 3 cascade down from System where available.
  • Alt text must be filled.
  • Summary text can be used where there is no supporting image.

Specifications Tab

  • Click Browse to launch the Specifications.
  • Drop down and Yes/No choices will be set on System and wil automatically cascade down. Any translation is set in a separate spreadsheet. 
  • Free text fields will need to be translated. If left blank, the System value will automatically be used.

Features Tab

  • Set the Main Image. Often this uses the hero image.
  • For Cooking Chef, use:
  • For Triblade, use:
  • Set Link to product features pages (in Functional Pages > Key Features Item Pages and select the Product Folder.

Recipes Tab

  • Set links to the individual recipe pages. First time translating a product page, leave this and come back once Recipes have been translated / created.

Support Tab

  • Enter a section name. Typically Model Number + Support, since the Support tab will always say JUST Support, but the section name can make reference to the actual model.
  • Manuals and FAQs will be automatically loaded in from the Customer Support section of the website.

Settings Tab

  • Page name in web address will be generated automatically from the Name field in the Content tab.
  • Format should be AT501-Chef-Sized-Flexible-Beater-AWAT501001 rather than say something like AT501---Chef---Sized---Flexible---Beater---AWAT501001

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Tab

  • Meta Title and Meta Description are required.  Approximate characters for Meta title should be around 65 and for Meta description should be 155.
  • Remember not to enter anything in the Page Script block box.

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