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  • I have issues with my Kenwood Product which I purchased at a third party store. Can I still claim any store guarantees?

    Please contact the store you bought it from, Kenwood Ltd has no affect on store guarantees and we cannot redeem them for you.
  • I would like to buy replacement filters for my WK300.

    Please contact Aqua Optima direct on 01624 829875 or Aqua Optima PO Box 3439 Chester CH1 9DL 
  • What parts are dishwasher proof?

    Many Kenwood Products have dishwashable parts, however it is often a product specific feature so for more information see the individual product pages. The motor housing of a product is never dishwashable.
  • What time is Connect Distribution open for ordering?

    Connect Distribution is open from 8.30am – 8pm
  • Where can I find my serial number / date code?

    Normally on the underside of the appliance often near the cable entry point. The date code will be a series of 4 digits such as OM44.
  • I have a complaint regarding WK300 filter.

    Please contact Customer Services at Aqua Optima on 01244 394377
  • I have a Kenwood Cooker and require some assistance.

    This is not part of our company and is in fact a separate entity all together. So could you please phone them for assistance on 0870 443 1897
  • I have a Kenwood Stereo System and would like some assistance.

    Kenwood Trio is an entirely separate company to Kenwood Ltd. Please contact them about their products on 01923 816444 or at the address: Kenwood Trio Dwight Road Watford WD18 9EB
  • Why are bowls and lids etc not covered by the guarantee?

    No removable parts are covered by the guarantee if they are dropped, or similar. The guarantee covers mechanical parts and workmanship.

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