Strawberry Milkshake

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  • Recipe difficulty: Easy
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  • Serves: Up to 4 people

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Serves: 2-4
Preparation time: 2-3 minutes
(excluding freezing time)
Tools: Liquidiser


  1. Remove the leaves from the strawberries. Put the strawberries in the freezer until they’re either completely frozen, or very nearly frozen (about 2-3 hours).
  2. Put the frozen strawberries in the blender, add the caster sugar and top up with the cold milk; it should come almost to the top of the strawberries (but not more than two-thirds of the way up the blender).
  3. Blend on max until thick and creamy, pour into tall glasses.

Variations: You can use various frozen fruits to make these delicious ice-cold milkshakes. Bananas are always good.


250g, 8oz Strawberries
1 tbsp caster sugar
300ml, 1/2 pint cold milk from the fridge

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