Chocolate Easter Egg

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200g plain chocolate, broken up into small pieces
25g white chocolate to decorate
A handful of freeze dried fruit or sprinkles to decorate

Makes 1 egg
Preparation time 1 hour, plus setting time


1. Switch on your Cooking Chef and select the Plain Chocolate Tempering programme, within the Sweet programme menu.

2. Following the instructions on the display of your machine, fit your machine with the stir tool and stir assist clip.

3. Add 120g of chocolate to the machine and begin melting. After 30 minutes, the chocolate should be smooth amd melted. Following the instructions on the display, add the remaining 80g chocolate and begin the tempering stage.

4. Once the chocolate is fully tempered, lift the head of your machine and spoon some of the chocolate into one half of a large Easter egg mould. Roll the mould around so that the chocolate completely coats the inside of the mould. Allow any excess to drop back into the bowl and sit the mould face down on a piece of baking parchment. Repeat with the other half of the mould. Once the second half has been coated, the first half will be ready for another layer of chocolate. Repeat the same process with both halves of the mould until the chocolate is used up. Leave the halves face down on their parchment in a cool place to set for around 1 hour.

5. Remove the egg halves from their moulds.

6. Place a baking sheet into a warm oven for a couple of minutes, to warm up. Lay a piece of baking parchment onto the baking sheet, then place both chocolate egg halves face down onto the sheet. Allow the edges to melt a little, then lift them off and press the halves together, to make a whole egg.

7. Decorate with melted white chocolate and sprinkles of your choice.

8. This recipe can also be used to make a white or milk chocolate egg, using 200g white or milk chocolate and selecting the White/Milk Chocolate Tempering programme, within the Sweet programme menu and following the rest of the instructions as before, decorating to your preference.

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