Rapid Bake Button Information

Rapid Bake Button Information

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BM450 Rapid Bake Button

Your bread maker has an extra fast bread cycle, which will knead, prove and cook a delicious loaf of bread in just 1 hour. To help ensure the best possible results follow the guidelines given below.

Use lukewarm liquid to help speed up the rising process (32-35C/90-95F is optimum). Cold water will result in a shorter loaf, if hot water is used, it will kill the yeast. For best results measure the water temperature with either a thermometer or mix 25% boiling water with 75% of cold water.

Bread recipes shouls contain at least 65% white bread flour on this cycle. 100% wholemeal or other whole grain breads will produce poor results as there is insufficient time for the dough to rise.

The salt level is reduced for breads made using this cycle as salt retards yeast activity. However do not eliminate it completely as it is important for the taste and texture of the bread. Use 5ml (1 tsp) of salt with 600g of flour.

The yeast levels are higher on this cycle to help ensure a rapid rise. Use 15-20ml (3-4 tsp) of easy blend fast action dried yeast.

If you want to make serveral loaves in succession on this rapid cycle, leave the lid open and the machine switched off for 30 minutes between loaves. This will allow the temperature sensor within the machine to work accurately, which is critical on a short bread cycle.

Breads made using this cycle will not rise as high as loaves made on other settings, they will have a softer crust and be a little denser, which is normal.


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