Food Mincer, Citrus Juicer + Continuous Slicer/Grater


Product details

The ideal pack for anyone who likes to batch prepare their ingredients from scratch. With the food mincer and the continuous slicer / grater your kitchen prep tasks are quick and easy, no matter how many people you are cooking for.

Key Features

Quality and durability
Quality and durability The durable all metal body and scroll of the food mincer ensures high quality results whatever your cut of meat, or ingredients you are looking to mince. This attachment that will last and last.
Food prep made easy
Food prep made easy Salads, vegetables and creamy coleslaw are a dream to make. This durable attachment has been engineered for continuous use so you're not limited to the amount you can slice, shred and grate. Just use your bowl of choice to catch your creations.
Easy pour bowl
Easy pour bowl Pour your juice straight from the bowl with the easy pour spout and handle.


general specifications

Mixer size: Chef & Major/Chef XL


Outlet: High speed and slow speed
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