Power to Inspire

Whether you’re trying out a brand new recipe or an authentic dish tried and tested by generations, CHEF TITANIUM enables passionate cooks like yourself to create dishes to your highest standard.


CHEF TITANIUM comes complete with the highest quality stainless steel SYSTEMPRO™ bowl tools, allowing you to beat, knead, whisk, cream and fold with confidence.

The unique fold function enables you to carefully mix ingredients without losing air, and the variable speeds give you ultimate control.

Light up your imagination

The Chef Titanium in-bowl illumination lights up your ingredients, enables you to better see the colour, texture and consistency of your mix and hence ensure better results.


    Perfect for making Balah ben Laban or Laban Ayran this season. You can keep hydrated with fresh juices using this attachment.


    The power whisk will create mountainous peaks, whip up the thickest cream and evenly mix a batter for the perfect rise.


    The sturdy dough hook can knead all types of dough, from pizza to pasta, for a buttery brioche or a crusty loaf.


    This flexible tool scrapes all ingredients from the side of the bowl, combining them for the smoothest icing or cake mixture.


    The folding tool glides through ingredients carefully, retaining the maximum amount of air needed for light macaroons and mousses.


20+ optional attachments

There are over 20 attachments available, so whether you want to create perfectly structured bread, extra tall soufflés or silky smooth pasta, Chef Titanium helps you master the craft with ease.