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    Kitchen Machines - “The model number can usually be located on the base of the product either embossed into the plastic or on a silver label”

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Blender - BL705 Blender BL705 0WBL705006 The Kenwood ThermoResist™ Blender BL705 features a high quality brushed metal body, thermal shock resistant goblet.
Blender - BL704 Blender BL704 0WBL704006 The Kenwood ThermoResist™ Blender BL704 features a high quality black body, thermal shock resistant goblet.
BLM800 Blend-X Pro Blender BLM800GY 0W22311005 Featuring our unique MultiZone blade technology and 6 pre-set programs, this versatile hot and cold blender is our most powerful and intelligent yet!