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  • Can I process hot ingredients?

    With the Thermo-Resist Blender you can process hot liquids.  All liquids must be cooled to room temperature before placing in the food processor.

  • How do I clean my Ice Cream Maker?

    All parts of the Ice Cream Maker should be cleaned in hot soapy water. No parts are dishwasher safe. The freezing bowl should be allowed to warm to room temperature before cleaning and should be dried thoroughly. Failure to dry this part properly could result in a film of ice once frozen which could stop the paddle turning.

  • How do I clean my Multi Food Grinder?

    Loosen the ring nut manually or with the spanner and dismantle. Wash all the parts in hot soapy water, then dry. Don’t wash any part in the dishwasher. Never use a soda solution. Re-assemble. Wipe the screens with vegetable oil, then wrap in greaseproof paper to prevent discoloring/rusting. Place the mincer in the storage box and cover with the tray. You can pull the lid off the pusher and store the sausage and kebbe attachments inside.

  • How do I clean my Pasta Maker attachment?

    Loosen the ring nut manually or with the spanner and dismantle. Use the cleaning tool to remove all dough. Allow the dough to dry in the screens before using the cleaning tool. Wash in hot, soapy water or on the top rack of your dishwasher

  • How long can I keep my ice cream made by my Ice Cream Maker for?

    Ice cream made from raw ingredients should not be kept for over a week. But Ice cream tastes best fresh so do not make too far in advance.

  • How long can I keep pasta made by my Pasta Maker before cooking it?

    Cook macaroni and rigatoni within 4 hours. Otherwise they become brittle and snap.

  • How long should I leave the Ice Cream Maker bowl in the freezer for?

    The bowl should be allowed to sit in the freezer for at least 24 hours, though the longer the better. The freezer should be operating at 0°F (-18°C).

  • How long should it take to make ice cream or sorbet in my Ice Cream Maker?

    It should only take about half an hour for your ice cream or sorbet to be done, but it could take up to 45 minutes. If the mix is still not the desired consistency after 45 minutes, then turn off the machine and scoop the mixture out of the bowl and place into a suitable container and put in the freezer until frozen to desired consistency.

  • The feed tube is blocked on my Multi Food Grinder or Pasta Maker. How can I remedy this?

    If the feed tube becomes clogged, use the end of the spanner/pusher handle to push the mix onto the scroll. Don’t use anything other than the spanner handle and don’t push too hard. Never let the feed tube fill up.

  • The freezing solution seems to be leaking from the Ice Cream Maker bowl. What should I do?

    You should discontinue use immediately. The freezing solution used is non toxic, but having a leak would impede the function of the attachment.

  • The pasta comes out curly from my Pasta Maker – how can I stop this?

    This is normal. The first batch will come out curly but the second batch will be straighter. You can re-process the first batch.

  • What is kebbe? I have an attachment for it with my Multi Food Grinder

    Kebbe is a traditional Middle Eastern dish: deep-fried lamb-and-bulgur wheat parcels with a minced meat filling. It can be made with a Meat Grinder.

  • What is the difference between the screens on my Multi Food Grinder?

    Use the fine screen for raw meat; fish; small nuts; or cooked meat for shepherd’s pie or meat loaves. Use the medium and coarse screens for raw meat; fish; nuts; vegetables; hard cheese; or peel or dried fruit for puddings and marmalade.

  • Why do my ingredients stick to the inside of my Ice Cream Maker bowl?

    You must always start your machine before adding the ingredients to avoid this. Use the feed tube in the bowl cover to add the ingredients once the machine is running.

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