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  • Can you store liquids in the Goblet?

    No. The Goblet must always be emptied after being used, it should not be used to store liquids.

  • Does the goblet on my Blender come apart for cleaning?

    Yes, the base can be removed to ensure thorough cleaning. Remember to be very careful as the blades are sharp.

  • If the Blender goblet leaks what should I do?

    This depends on whether the blender is leaking from the top or the bottom of the goblet. If it is leaking from the bottom then make sure that the base is screwed on tightly, also make sure that the seal isn’t missing or damaged, if it is damaged you will have to order a replacement. If the Goblet leaks from the top then it is likely it has been over filled.

  • Is the goblet dishwashable?

    Many Kenwood Blenders have dishwashable parts, however it is often a product specific feature so for more information see the individual product pages. The motor housing of a blender is never dishwashable.

  • What is a Blender?

    A blender is a device almost entirely for the purpose of turning foodstuffs to liquid. It is used mainly to make soups and other liquid foods, but can also be used to crush ice, when crushing ice add 15ml (1 tbsp) water to 6 ice cubes and operate the blender in short bursts. If supplied with a mill this is to grind coffee beans and spices.

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