About the KM080 Cooking Chef

Expertise in the kitchen since 1947. The revolutionary Cooking Chef stirs while cooking at precisely the right temperature, ensuring unrivalled results every time. Meringue, Risotto, Truffles, Ganche. Get Inspired. The only limit is your imagination.

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Imagine all your food preparation needs in one machine; everything from mixing, stirring, blending, food processing and cooking! With the Kenwood Cooking Chef, you can save time in the kitchen while it stirs and cooks simultaneously. Great for both savory and pastry recipes, this extra set of hands in the kitchen allows you to enjoy family and friends while entertaining. With the combined planetary mixing and precise temperature control, it is easy to cook fresh, healthy meals for you and your family in this culinary center.  The electronic speed control allows ingredients to incoporate before mixing them at high speeds so ingredients stay in the bowl and not all over your countertop. The four attachment hubs around the machine allow you to customize your machine with a multitude of optional attachments. Included with the machine is a ThermoResist glass blender and a food processor with chopping blade and six stainless steel slicing and shredding discs making it the ultimate kitchen machine. Additionally, an included steamer basket that fits inside the bowl turns this kitchen machine into a steamer, so you can steam fresh fish, meat and vegetables on your counter. The Cooking Chef also includes 5 stainless steel, professional quality bowl tools; each tool has been designed for high performance mixing to deliver perfect results with any recipe. 

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With 8 mixing speeds, 3 stirring speeds for cooking, pulse and fold funcions for controlled mixing, accurate temperature between 70°F-285°F and 3 hour timer, you are in control of your culinary adventures with the Kenwood Cooking Chef. Adored by world class chefs and everyday epicureans alike, the Kenwood Cooking Chef understands your passion for food.                                           

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Cooking Chef Checklist

Checklist tick mark  Induction Cooking: Energy efficient, accurate temperature

Checklist tick mark  Electronic Speed Control: Keeps ingredients in the bowl

Checklist tick mark 4 Attachment Hubs with Optional Attachments: Offers unrivaled versatility and creativity

Checklist tick mark  European Motor: Manages heavier dough loads

Checklist tick mark  5 Stainless Steel Bowl Tools: Durable quality for all recipe needs

Checklist tick mark  Digital Display with Timer that can be set for up to 3 hours

Checklist tick mark  8 Mixing Speeds, 3 Stirring Speeds with pulse and fold functions for added control and versatility

Checklist tick mark  Safety features such as an interlocking head and outlet covers for extra layers of security

Checklist tick mark  3 Year Limited Warranty; 5 Year Motor Warranty

Checklist tick mark Kenwood Culinary Club - Exclusive access upon product registration.  Receive free stainless steel Cooking Chef bowl after purchase, access to exclusive chef events, unique recipes and more