About the Multipro FP959

The Kenwood MultiPro Food Processor System combines a full sized food processor and blender with an integrated scale in one efficient food processing center. Combine all your food preparation needs in just 9 inches of counterspace to make healthy family meals more efficiently with fresh ingredients, created the way you want every time. d to create great food.

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  • Dual Drive System: Optimizes speeds for full size food processor and blender in one machine
  • Integrated Scale: Weigh directly in the bowl or weigh plate for portion control, baking and healthy living
  • Variable Speed Control: Fine tuning control and precision for chopping, mixing, slicing, shredding and blending
  • Safety Interlock System: For Added Assurance in the Kitchen
  • Versatile Attachments: Prep food with a variety of unique attachments, such as a blender, whisk and dough blade
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Cord storage
  • Die cast brushed aluminum body

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With its innovative and patented Dual Drive System, the MultiPro with Variable Speed Control delivers precise speed for various tasks - high speed for chopping, grating and blending; slow speed for slicing, whisking & dough making. The integrated scale allows you to weigh your fresh ingredients directly in the bowl or on the weigh plate provided; ideal for baking, portion control and healthy eating. The tare function enables you to continuously measure in pounds/ounces and kilograms/grams in order to tackle any recipe. The Kenwood MultiPro Food Processor System includes a 12 cup BPA food processor bowl with stainless steel chopping blade, dough blade, 4 stainless steel cutting blades: thick slice/shred, thin slice/shred, rasping, julienning, weigh plate, twin geared whisk, 48 oz/6 cup blender and Kenstore storage carousel. With the added benefit of BPA free materials and safety interlocks, the Kenwood MultiPro Food Processor System will become your go-to food preparation time saver in the kitchen.