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    Where to Find Model NumberKitchen Machines - “The model number can usually be located on the base of the product either embossed into the plastic or on a silver label”

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Product SKU Description
Prospero - KM280 black Prospero Black KM280BK 0W20010037 The Kenwood Prospero KM280BK kitchen machine
Prospero Prospero MX260006 0WMX260006 The Kenwood Prospero MX260006 white 600W compact kitchen machine
Prospero - KM280 Prospero White KM280 0WKM280005 The Kenwood Prospero KM280 white kitchen machine
Kenwood Prospero KM280RD kitchen machine Prospero Red KM280RD 0W20010038 The Kenwood Prospero KM280RD kitchen machine