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  • Do I need to peel the fruits before I use them?

    No, The peel of fruits will be collected with the pulp that the juice is removed from. However it is always advised to remove any stones that may be in a fruit, before Juicing.
  • How many apples would I need for one glass of juice?

    Of course this depends on the apples, some apples are naturally bigger or juicier than others, but based on an average size and juice yield, two apples should be enough to fill an average glass full of juice.
  • How much can I juice at a time?

    This tends to be down to the juicer, but as a rule you should only juice as much as the pulp collector, or juice container can take. The Kenwood Juicers with an internal pulp container can take 1kg of fruit before having to be emptied.
  • Ok, So what kinds of fruits does each juice?

    Citrus juicers, as their name suggests, juice Citrus Fruits. So Lemons, Limes Oranges and Grapefruits, and all similar fruits are to be used in this device.

     A centrifugal juicer however can juice most non-citrus fruits, as long as the fruit has juice to extract then a centrifugal juicer can usually juice it. Fruits such as Bananas cannot be juiced though.

  • What can I do with the left over pulp?

    There are many things you can do with this by-product of the juicing process. Why not try using the pulp in cooking, recipes such as muffins, or layered recipes such as lasagne work very well. There is also the possibility of using the pulp as mulch in your garden. You can even feed the birds with it.
  • What speeds should I use for which fruits?

    Many Kenwood Juicers are one speed machines for simpler use and because several speeds are not really needed for the task of juicing. However, if your juicer does have multiple speeds, it is generally a rule to use the lower speeds for softer fruits and the higher speeds for harder ones.
  • Why won't my juicer turn on?

    Kenwood Juicers often have a safety interlock feature, meaning that if the main juicing bowl and lid are not placed together properly then the machine wont start up. Try to make sure that any bumps on the bowl or other components match up with the body of the appliance.

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