Strawberry and Melon Frappe

Strawberry and Melon Frappe

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  • Serves: One person

Serves: 1
Preparation Time: 10 Minutes plus Freezing
Tools: Liquidiser


  1. Place the strawberries in a small tray lined with plastic wrap and freeze for 1½ hours.
  2. Put the melon, strawberries, ice cubes and sugar in the Liquidiser. Add 30ml (2 tbsp) water and process to a crushed ice texture.

Variation: For a creamier frappé add 15-30ml (1-2 tbsp) Greek yogurt and process with the fruit in step 2.


125g (4oz) strawberries, halved
¼ Canteloupe or Galia melon, rind removed and cut into chunks
2 ice cubes
10ml (2 tsp) caster sugar

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