Chef Sense "Twist" Adaptor

Congratulations on purchasing your new Chef Sense kitchen machine!

You may have noticed a small metal adapter in your box that looks something like this.

Chef Sense Adaptor


What is it?

This is your Chef Sense Twist adapter. Every new Chef Sense machine comes with one. You should find it in a small box that looks like this.

Chef Sense Twist

When do I need to use it?

If you already own any of the attachments shown below...

Dicer Fruit Press
Slicer/Grater Mincer
Grinder Pasta Shaper
Pasta Makers  


...and the connector looks like this...

...then you will need the Twist adapter to help them work correctly with your new Chef Sense machine.


How do I use it?

It’s easy to use your Twist adapter with your attachments. Find out how below or watch the video.

1. On the front of the machine,lift off the attachment outlet cover by pressing the top and lifting it off.

2. Making sure the K logo is at the top, place the adapter in the attachment outlet.

3. Rotate to lock in place.

4. Insert the attachment (you might have to turn it both ways to find where it connects).

5. Turn the screw to lock it in position.

6. You can now use the attachment just like you normally would.


Do I need to buy special attachments?

No, all attachments you buy will work with your Chef Sense machine. If you see this logo on the box, theattachment will fit straight into your Chef Sense machine.

For other attachments you may need to use the Twist adaptor to get it working.