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  • My Bread Maker does not mix when I press start?

    Some settings have a rest period before mixing. Check your timings table for this information

  • I’ve plugged in my bread maker but nothing has happened, is it broken?

    Make sure you have turned on the bread maker. All Kenwood bread makers come with an on/off switch situated under the right hand handle on the BM150 and round the back of the BM250 and BM256. Make sure you plug the appliance in before turning the on/off...

  • How should I measure out my ingredients?

    It is very important that you use exact measurements in your bread maker. Always use liquids at room temperature (20°C/68°F) unless making bread using the basic cycle. Always use the measuring spoon provided when measuring out smaller quantities of dry...

  • Breadmakers | Make perfect bread at home!

    Ensure that the bread you make every day turns out perfectly with the new range of Kenwood Breadmakers. It does not matter if you've mastered the skill or are a newbie, these bread machines' aim to satisfy you with its results!