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For Kenwood Middle East & North Africa, customer service and where to buy, please contact authorsied distributors in your area.

 De'Longhi Kenwood MEIA FZE
 Jebil Ali, Jaza View 18, Dubai  UAE

Middle East and North Africa

 Full contact details of Kenwood Middle East & North Africa distributors are provided in the Distributors page.

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Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQ's) will help you to find additional information for your product

  • Where can I find my serial number / date code?

    Normally on the underside of the appliance often near the cable entry point. The date code will be a series of 4 digits such as OM44.

  • Can I buy spare parts and additional attachments for my Kenwood Chef / Major?

    Yes, you can contact our Kenwood Distributors in your region and purchase the parts, please ensure you have your model number when contacting. This can be found on the base of your appliance. Attachments can also be obtained.

  • What is the difference between a Chef and a Major?

    The Major is a larger machine in both motor size and bowl capacity.

Instruction Manuals

    Kitchen Machines - “The model number can usually be located on the base of the product either embossed into the plastic or on a silver label”