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At Kenwood we proudly design and manufacture cutting edge, stylish and efficient kitchen appliances since 1947.  

As the expert in food preparation, our focus is to ensure every Kenwood product enhances your enjoyment of cooking, producing consistently high quality results with the greatest of ease

Whichever Kenwood product you choose, you can be sure to create the perfect dish every time.

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With the confidence to prepare great food for all occasions, you will find the versatility of our products really help you to create more. You will quickly discover new ideas, new dishes and new recipes to make every meal special.

Thanks to its timeless design, your Kenwood product will continue to grace your kitchen over generations. Our appliances’ looks are as durable as their quality build, guaranteeing an astute investment that will continue to delight years after years.

Kenwood's 65 year history


Kenwood A100 - When Kenneth Wood first founded our company, he cleverly redesigned the electric toaster to allow the user to toast both sides without touching the bread. Three years later in 1950, he completely revolutionized post-war kitchens with the launch of the Kenwood Chef.

A100 Toaster


1950  - The Kenwood Chef launches at the Ideal Homes Exhibition the Chef stole the hearts of housewives for its life-changing, labour-saving abilities. Harrods sold out in just a week

1956 - International Success
Kenwood is now an International business with a 1.5 million turnover, employing over 400 people,  producing hand mixers, liquidisers even steam irons




Style Icon - Kenneth Wood turns the Kenwood Chef into an icon of design, which goes into production at the new headquarters

1962 - The company outgrew its headquarters in Woking and moved its entirety to Havant, the most advanced manufacturing plant the UK had ever known


Style Icon


1970 - Kenwood take their products to the public in Kenwood busses, vans and even a Kenwood jet

1973 - Kenwood enter the digital age being the 1st manufacturer to introduce an electronic speed control 

1979 - Kenwood launch their food processer - processer de- luxe


1997 - A  Life, a legend  
Kenneth Wood dies, ages 81 his legacy a name synonymous with quality and modernity in kitchens  and homes over the world

Kenneth Wood


2001 - Kenwood joined the De'longhi group opening up a new era of expansion for us

2007 - 60th Anniversary 
Kenwood has revolutionised home cooking and pioneered kitchen automation since Kenneth Wood launched its first product in 1947. Today the company has a presence in over 40 countries and produces over 200 different models





Today - as our future unfolds before us, we are delighted we can continue placing our customers across the globe at the heart of our developments. Just as Kenneth Wood discovered all those years ago, our most important  mission is to delight our customers and make their experience in the kitchen both easier and more rewarding. With that always uppermost in our minds, we are proud of our past and look forward to our future...

               Cooking Chef