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Cooking-foodprocessorer/alt i en-køkkenmaskiner

kCook Multi Smart CCL450SI


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The kCook Multi Smart gives you the tools and know how to create delicious homemade meals. Working alongside the Kenwood World app, you can enjoy step by step guided cooking to make everything from scratch with ease.
Direct Prep Tower


The clever dual position direct prep tower allows you to slice, shred or grate ingredients directly into or out of the cooking bowl, all at the touch of the button.

All-in-one Cooking


Connect your kCook Multi Smart to the Kenwood World app, with hundreds of step-by-step recipes available. Find and adjust recipes tailored to you, learn new skills and techniques and expand your cooking repertoire.


Designed for today’s world
Designed for today’s world The kCook Multi Smart is packed with a wide range of innovative features, that work beautifully with the Kenwood World app, to give you a truly special, time-saving and simplified cooking experience.
Cook with an extra pair of hands
Cook with an extra pair of hands There's so much you can do with the Kenwood World app. Working in harmony with kCook Multi Smart, the app allows you to follow step-by-step instructions, weigh ingredients, and adapt recipes to your requirements, as well as grow your culinary repertoire with the hundreds of recipes available.
Weigh to perfection
Weigh to perfection Place your ingredients on the Smart Scales, which are connected to the app on your device. The measurement will then appear on-screen, so you’ll easily know when you’ve reached the exact measurement you need for creating your tasty meal.
Cook to the perfect degree
Cook to the perfect degree Whether you’re preparing a Saturday night stir-fry or simply want chocolate to drizzle on a dessert, you can control the wide 30ºC to 180ºC temperature range 1 degree at a time for ultimate precision.
Time-saving preparation
Time-saving preparation The innovative Direct Prep means preparing vegetables or ingredients is hassle-free. You can even slice and grate directly into the bowl whilst cooking. With all the time you save, you can develop new tasty recipes or get in some quality time at home.
Meals made easy
Meals made easy With six pre-set programmes, ranging from starters through to sweet desserts, cooking any course couldn’t be easier – simply let the machine do the hard work for you.
For the whole family
For the whole family Whether you’re preparing a stew for the whole family, or batch cooking a chilli con carne to portion and freeze, the 4.5L bowl can handle it all.
Powerful heating
Powerful heating The 1500W heating power motor makes sure every meal, whether it’s bolognaise, vegetables or something more hearty, is cooked to perfection all the way through.



Skive med fint rivejern: Ja
Omrøringsværktøj: Ja
Skive med groft rivejern: Ja
Dampbakke: Ja
Tilsluttet vægt: Ja
Slow-cook-stik: Ja
Direkte forberedelse: Ja
Ekstra fin skive til rivning: Ja
Tynd snitteskive: Ja
Knivblad: Ja
Tyk snitteskive: Ja
Maxblade: Ja
Lågadapter: Ja


Skålmateriale: Stainless Steel
Farve: Silver
Størrelse (LxBxH) (cm): 33.5 x 26 x 29
Kropsmateriale: Plastic
Hastigheder: 12
Vægt (kg): 7.3


Antal forudindstillede programmer: 7
Timerfunktion: Ja
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kCook Multi Smart CCL450SI

kCook Multi Smart CCL450SI

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