Juicer - PureJuice Pro Zoom Iconsراجعي معرض الصور

A Healthy and Natural Juice 

Making your own juice is a healthy choice. So it makes sense to choose a juicer that extracts every bit of goodness from anything you juice.

Kenwood’s PureJuice Pro does exactly that. It squeezes and crushes everything good from the food you put into it, producing a longer-lasting juice that’s rich in the micronutrients our bodies need. 

Juicer - PureJuice Pro Zoom Iconsراجعي معرض الصور

Juicing Made Easy 

Kenwood’s PureJuice Pro makes it safe and easy to create delicious, healthy juice, with the capacity to produce up to one large jug each time.

There is no need to cut up fruit or vegetables before they go in, and the powerful induction motor means you can be enjoying your juice in seconds. Then, when you’re done, the rinse function keeps cleaning hassle-free. 

What’s more, the PureJuice Pro is designed to take a variety of foods as they are, with its unique dual feed tube, it can juice fruits and vegetables whole. 

Juicer - PureJuice Pro Zoom Iconsراجعي معرض الصور

Optimal Performance for Optimised Juice 

With a high extraction rate of up to 81%, PureJuice Pro works differently from standard juicers. 

By working at an optimal 48 rpm and reducing heat and oxidation, its scrolling technology gently presses fruits and vegetables to release nutrients in a way that preserves them.  

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