Unlock the goodness with PureJuice

Slow Press Juicer - JMP601WH Zoom Iconsراجعي معرض الصور

A healthy and natural juice

Retaining maximum nutrition is the thinking behind the design of the new PureJuice juicer. Not only will your 100% natural juice be healthier and will last for longer without separating into water and pulp, but you can actually see the extra goodness through the retention of vibrant colours of the fruits and vegetables.

You can rely on Kenwood PureJuice to unlock the goodness in superfoods including leafy greens like kale or wheatgrass and popular healthy ingredients such as pomegranate or beetroot. Peeled citrus fruits are no problem and you can even make your own almond milk, perfect for lactose intolerance and healthy for the whole family. 

Slow Press Juicer - JMP601WH Zoom Iconsراجعي معرض الصور

Refreshing sorbet 

The JMP601WH comes complete with sorbet attachment allowing you to do more than just juice, you can also make healthy fresh sorbets.

PureJuice - JMP601WH Zoom Iconsراجعي معرض الصور

Easy to use

You can make a large juice in one go and the clip on sieve can then be used to ensure silky smooth juice if desired. Meanwhile the pulp container allows you to collect the pulp, which can then be used in cooking cakes, brownies, falafels or adding to soups. 

PureJuice runs much more quietly than traditional juicers and as well as having a convenient rinse function to make cleaning really easy, it is also small enough to save space in the kitchen, both on the worktop and in the dishwasher. 

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