TOG800CL Наведіть курсор на зображення для збільшення

Persona Glass Toaster TOG800CL

The difference is clear with the Personal Glass Toaster

See bread browning before your very eyes with the Persona Glass Toaster

Introducing Kenwood's Persona Glass Toaster, the one long slot toaster that allows you to see your bread toasting.

Persona Glass Toaster  - TOG800CL Zoom IconsДивитися фото

The TOG800CL features a toughened glass front panel so you can ensure your bread is toasted just how you like it. It  is also easy to clean. 

You can toast a variety of different breads with the one long slot capacity - from 2 slices of bread to baguettes and bagels. The high rise lift also makes it simple to remove the bread once ready. 

Get your toasting just right with five browning levels, as well as illuminated defrost, reheat and cancel functions.

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