Chicken And Mushroom Casserole

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Chicken And Mushroom Casserole.

A delicious combination of ingredients - slow-cooked to blend the flavours.   

200g mushrooms                                          4 chicken portions

25g seasoned flour                                        1 large onion

100g barley                                                       750ml hot chicken stock

1 clove garlic(optional)                                   2 bay leaves

2,5ml dried thyme                                          125ml single cream (optional)

Coat the joint in seasoned flour and place in the Slow Cooker along with remaining flour. Slice mushrooms, chop onion and garlic. Place all ingredients, except the cream, in the Slow Cooker and switch to HIGH and cook for 31/2 hours the turn to LOW and cook for further 7 hours.Add cream, if using, 30 minutes before serving.

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