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Endless possibilities with pasta

Whether you’re creating a weeknight meal or entertaining guests at the weekend, the pasta
attachments are ideal for creating fresh homemade pasta everyone will love.


Pasta Shaper

For pasta that looks and tastes amazing, the Pasta Shaper will help you achieve consistent shapes and textures with ease. Get creative with a range of 12 different pasta dies available.

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Lasagne Roller

Perfect for helping you make ravioli, cannelloni and lasagne. Choose the pasta thickness of your choice with the nine adjustable settings.

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Tagliolini Pasta Cutter

Be it crab and lemon, or aubergine and chilli, this pasta cutter will produce 1.5mm ribbons for a flavoursome tagliolini dish.


Spaghetti Pasta Cutter

Effortlessly create homemade 2mm ribbons of pasta. Cook your pasta fresh, or chill or freeze it, ready to rustle up a weekday bolognaise.


Trenette Pasta Cutter

This durable pasta cutter will help you create the perfect 3.5mm width pasta – ideal for a delicious trenette al pesto.


Fettuccine Pasta Cutter

Nothing beats the authentic taste of freshly made pasta and this attachment makes it easy to make your own 6.5mm fettuccine ribbons. Create a rich carbonara with real Italian flair.

What shall we make today?

Get creative in the kitchen with our delicious recipes, all made with the help of
Chef attachments.

Chicken Pesto Roll-up Lasagne

Made using the Lasagne Roller.

Ricotta and Prosciutto Pasta Bake

Made using the Pasta Shaper.

Courgette and Tomato Tagliatelle

Made using the Spaghetti Cutter.