Kenwood Singapore


Jimmy Chok

“Being a restaurant chef, i am always on a look out for equipment to help me with my work, after have discovered the KENWOOD COOKING CHEF MACHINE life in the kitchen has been so much more easier and faster. Soup, custard, paste are now all done in one machine, it saves time  and also less washing. i now don't have to melt food over bain marie and need to stand there and whisk as all done by the Kenwood Cooking Chef. Every chef should get one of this.. even the home cook should too.”


Ryan Cliff

“As Chef owner of one of Asia's top restaurants I’m always looking for new technology  that can help my ideas transform into new highs, the new  Kenwood  cooking chef allows me  to  reach these highs with great ease and perfect results , be it with the induction heating or with its wide array of attachments, it has become an integral appliance with in my kitchen and for modern gastronomy a must for any chef.”

Head Chef & Partner of Tipping Club

Matthew Kelvin Mok

"A truly advanced cooking machine that blends and mixers with speed and precision. Absolutely dynamic for a huge variety of cuisines. For me, it was made to impress.“

Chef and Founder at The Rabbit Stash

Chef Raynor NG

"Kenwood Cooking Chef  is versatile and easy to  operate. Now everyone  can be a chef with this machine.“  


The Cooking Chef took me by surprise!! Whenever I am using it, I feel as if there is another pair of hands standing next to me doing my work. The fact that it actually cooks and stirs is what excites me most. There are lots of dishes that need constant stirring while cooking and the Cooking Chef is so good at it. Its especially good when I am doing a choux pastry, making a roux for a soup or a pie, when I do custard and when I fry my spices before grind it!! The flexi beater is also very good for creaming methods as it can scrapes the bowl or stir my custard. 
I would vouch for this fantastic machine…….the Cooking Chef who will always be my right hand man!

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