Kenwood Singapore


Based on the Kenwood Major Titanium, the Cooking Chef incorporates induction cooking with all the standard features of Kenwood kitchen machines.

Cooking Chef Features 

 A wide variety of recipes and  meals can be prepared  using  the Cooking Chef, as it can be  used both as  planetary mixer  and to cook your meal. The  temperature can be set from  20ºC to 140ºC in 2ºC  increments, and the time can be  set for up to 3  hours.

 This gives  ultimate control to  your mixing  and  cooking. The  6.7L bowl will  cook up to 3L of  ingredients or  you can mix  cakes up to 4.55kg,  dough up  to 2.4kg or up to 16  egg whites.


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Cooking Chef Bowl Tools

The high quality bowl tools and accessories included with the Cooking Chef are all dishwasher safe, and allow a broad range of recipes and functions to be achieved.


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