Kenwood Singapore

The revolutionary new Kenwood Cooking Chef is the latest development in Kenwood’s 60 year history in food preparation.


Key Features

The new KM070 Kenwood Cooking chef has taken the well-known versatility of the CHEF a step further by introducing integrated Induction Cooking directly in the mixing bowl. Take a look at the key features and benefits of your new assistant in the kitchen.

6.7L Bowl Capacity with 3L Cooking and Mixing Capacity

Large capacity is perfect for families and entertaining, will mix cakes up to 4.55kg, dough up to 2.4kg and up to 16 egg whites. 

20°C to 140°C Temperature Setting 

Accurate variable control for gentle warming to real cooking function. From proving dough to tempering chocolate, to making fudge.

Continuous Cooking and Mixing Function 

A controlled stir or mix can be selected whilst cooking. 3 stir options are available.

Induction Heating 

A safe, energy efficient and very controllable heat provides trusted, great results.


Ranging from 5 seconds to 3 hours counting up or down

New and unique bowl tools for mixing and cooking 

8 mixing speeds 

Variable speed control - with slow speed stirring and a new intermittent stirring. keeping the consistency in your food without breaking it down.  

Food Processor Attachment 

Robust stainless steel chopping, slicing and shredding blades. 

Stainless Steel Blender 

1.5L high capacity is perfect for blending soups, purees or crushing ice.

Safety Features 

Safety interlocks on bowl, splashguard, head lift, outlet covers and heating function - for confident and intuitive operation.

Steam basket 

Fits on top of the bowl and can be used in the same way as a conventional steamer for vegetables, chicken, seafood and desserts.

Celebrity Chefs Create More with Kenwood Cooking Chef! 

“Being a restaurant chef, i am always on a look out for equipment to help me with my work, after have discovered the KENWOOD COOKING CHEF MACHINE life in the kitchen has been so much more easier and faster.

soup, custard , paste are now all done in one machine, it saves time  and also less washing. i now don't have to melt food over bain marie and need to stand there and whisk as all done by the Kenwood Cooking Chef.

Every chef should get one of this.. even the home cook should too.”

Chef Jimmy Chok
"A truly advanced cooking machine that blends and mixers with speed and precision. Absolutely dynamic for a huge variety of cuisines. For me, it was made to impress."

Chef Matthew Kelvin Mok, 
Chef and Founder at 
The Rabbit Stash

"As Chef owner of one asias top  restaurants i'm always looking for new technology that can help my ideas transform into new highs, the new Kenwood Cooking Chef allows me to reach these highs with great ease and perfect results, be it with the induction heating or with it wide aray of attachments, it has become an integeral appliance within my kitchen and for mondern gastronamy a must for any chef"
Chef Ryan Cliff, Head Chef & Partner of Tipping Club

"Kenwood Cooking Chef is versatile and easy to operate. Now everyone can be a chef with this machine."

Chef Rayner