Yam Ice Cream Mochi

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Yam Ice Cream Mochi

Mochi Ingredients

100g glutinous rice flour

160g caster sugar

200ml water

1/4 tsp yam paste

100g corn flour (for coating)


Ice Cream Ingredients

150g yam (steamed)

150ml milk

75ml thickened cream

60g caster sugar

2 tbsp corn syrup

1/2 tsp yam paste


Method - Mochi

1. Pour glutinous rice flour and caster sugar into a glass bowl and mix evenly, add water in gradually and stir until combined

2. Add in the yam paste and stir till colour is even 

3. Cover bowl with glad wrap.

4. Steam for about 30 minutes

5. Dip wooden spoon in water and stir the mixture. Leave to cool

6. Spread cornflour onto the pastry mat and spread a portion of the mochi onto the cornflour

7. Sprinkle some cornflour on top of the mochi and flip it upside down

8. Use the rolling pin to roll until it is about 3mm thick and use a round cutter to cut out the mochi dough

9. Chill the mochi sheets in the fridge


Method - Yam Ice Cream

1. Place steamed yam, milk, thickened cream, sugar and corn syrup in a food processor and blend until evenly mashed. Add yam paste and blend for another 15 seconds

2. Prepare ice cream maker and pour in to churn for about 30 to 40 minutes or until thickened

3. Freeze ice cream for at least 2 hours before use


Assembling Method

1. When mochi  sheets and ice cream is ready to use. Place about 1 teaspoon of ice cream onto the center of the mochi sheet and wrap to fasten the sides to seal.

2. After fastening the mochi, turn it upside down and place on a round cup to shape and put it in the freezer to freeze

3. Shaping can also be done in a mooncake mould  but with some difficulty

4. Keep in container in the freezer

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