Nut And Seed Butters

Nut And Seed Butter Recipe

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  • Vegetarian
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Recipe for Kenwood by Claire Turnbull


  • 500g of raw unsalted nuts or seed
  • Neutral oil e.g. Extra virgin canola oil


Version 1:

  1. Place the nuts/seeds in your Kenwood Excel Pro food processor and turn it on high, blend for several minutes until they break down and start to form a thick paste or simply go into a very fine powder (it will depend on what nut/seed you are using)
  2. While the blender is still going, add 1 tbsp of oil at a time allowing at least 20-30 seconds before adding more oil each time
  3. Keep adding oil until the nut/seed butter is the consistency you require
  4. Pop the seed butter into a jar (best to sterilise the jars first) and then pop it into the fridge

Version 2:

This is how I normally make my nut butters as I prefer the taste when the nuts are roasted first. Up to you!

  1. Pre heat the oven to 150°C
  2. Lay nuts/seeds out on a baking tray and pop into pre heated oven. Dry roast for 5 – 10minutes until very lightly browned, move nuts around every 2-3 minutes
  3. Remove nuts/seeds from the oven and allow to cool
  4. When nuts/seeds are completely cook – pop them into your Kenwood Excel Pro food processor and blend with oil as suggested in version one until a smooth paste forms

Tips: I personally always prefer to make tahini (sesame seed butter) with toasted sesame seeds as it has a much nuttier fuller flavour – 5 cups of sesame seeds will need about 1 cup of oil to blend. It is likely that the oil and nut/seeds will separate out when you leave it for a while so just stir round before using! The key to making nut butter is having a really powerful food processor, it will give you a much better result! Try mixing up the nuts and coming up with your own combonations.

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