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Meat Grinder MG364

Make everything from sausages to burgers with this compact and affordable meat grinder complete with a burger patty maker

Prepare perfect sausages and burgers with the MG364

The powerful 1400W MG364 meat grinder comes complete with a wide variety of attachments to help you be creative in the kitchen. 3 mincing screens (fine, medium and coarse) help prepare meat to the perfect texture and the sausage and kebbe maker attachments allow you to create delicious sausages and spiced kebbes. For the ultimate family treat, easily prepare perfect mess-free burgers with the new burger press accessory.

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A helping hand in the kitchen

To help you create even more in the kitchen, grate, slice and shred the perfect salad or garnish for your dish with the additional roto cutter attachment, complete with 2 drums.

The Kenwood MG364 meat grinder features an on/off switch for safety, plus a reverse switch to help make cleaning easier. The durable solid metal feed tube, scroll and cutter provide heavy-duty mincing and the  handy attachment storage found inside the dedicated pusher make this compact meat grinder perfect for even the smallest of kitchens.

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