Passion-Ate about Lemon Delicious

Passion-Ate about Lemon Delicious

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Recipe by Anna Polyviou

This is one of Anna’s favourite sweets - a perfect dessert that the whole family will love. Serve with tropical fruit, whipped cream, custard or just ice-cream – delicious!

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  • 2 Eggs, separated 
  •  50gr Unsalted butter 
  • 165gr Caster sugar 
  • 1 Lemon, zested 
  •  50ml Passionfruit juice (warm) 
  •  40gr Plain flour, sifted 
  • 1gr Baking powder, sifted 
  • 110ml Milk 
  •  Pinch of salt

Serves: 2 bowls (13cm heat-proof bowls)
Prep time: ½ hour
Cooking time: 1 hour
Tools: Whisk, Spatula, Folder


  1. Pre-heat oven to 150˚C 
  2. Attach whisk attachment and whisk the egg whites until soft peaks form, set aside 
  3. Use the spatula attachment to cream the butter and sugar together 
  4. Add in the lemon zest 
  5. Gradually add in the warm passionfruit juice 
  6. Add in the sifted dry ingredients, alternating with the egg yolk 
  7. Slowly add in the milk, until all is combined 
  8. Use the folder attachment on slow speed to fold in the egg whites until all is combined  
  9. Spray 2x 13 cm heat-proof bowls with oil and sprinkle with a little sugar 
  10. Pour the mixture so the bowls are ¾ full  
  11. Sit the bowl in a water bath (a baking pan half filled with boiling water) 
  12. Bake for 60 mins in a water bath, until the mixture moves from the bowl 
  13. Allow to cool. Once cooled, remove slowly from the bowl

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