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Microwave Oven MW465

Get grilling with this compact and convenient Kenwood MW465 Microwave Oven.

The Kenwood Microwave Oven MW465

Convenient and easy to use, the Kenwood MW456 is the perfect compliment to any busy cook. Defrost food quickly and effectively, reheat precooked meals or steam vegetables and never worry about making a mess with the easy to clean interior. With the built in grill and metal grill rack that can be removed for easy cleaning, the Kenwood MW465 can help save you valuable time and create great dishes at home.

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Simple But Powerful

Featuring large easily-set control dials and an easy opening glass door with a comfortable ergonomic handle, the Kenwood MW455 is built with convenience in mind. But don't let it's simple exterior fool you, as with a large 20 litre capacity, 1000W grill with 3 combination microwave and grill settings, 5 microwave power levels and a defrost function, the Kenwood MW455 is able to handle a wide variety of kitchen tasks with ease.

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