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Triblade System Pro™ HDM802SI

The HDM800SI features innovative Triblade System Pro technology for professional performance, including the Masher Pro™ masher. 

Perfection in the palm of your hand with Kenwood's HDM802SI

This 1000W motor hand blender provides optimum speed and torque performance with its Triblade System Pro™ technology. If you're serious about food, this hand blender is designed to deliver premium results every time.

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Improved results 

Reach more ingredients and reduce suction with the HDM800SI hand blender, using the innovative blender foot which is 33% larger than the Triblade. 

Create professional standard food every time, whether you're whipping up an indulgent dessert or delicious soup. 

Versatile attachments

Your HDM800SI comes with fantastic attachments including the NEW larger metal wand for blending soups and sauces, Masher Pro™ metal masher, whisk for whisking mousses and batters, and the 1l calibrated beaker with a robust handle and storage lid.

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Easy to use

The HDM800SI has an easy to use twist attachment fitting, so you can easily switch attachments to create more versatile meals. 

Use the blender to crush biscuits for a delicious cheesecake base, then simply twist and replace the blending foot for the whisk to whip up the topping. 

What's more, all attachments are simple to clean, as they can be put in the dishwasher. 

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