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If cooking is your passion, this kitchen machine will give you the freedom and the means to express it.

About the Titanium Chef KMT017

The Titanium Chef KMT017 is our most versatile kitchen machine and designed for an excellent cook who wants a high performance kitchen machine with the power and flexibility to help them create more. With its supreme power and many optional attachments, your Titanium Chef KMT017 will always deliver a pleasurable and rewarding cooking experience. With your Titanium Chef KMT017 you’ll feel more inspired and creative than ever, confident to master new tasks.

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The Kenwood Titanium Chef KMT017 can be used with an array of optional attachments to cater for every task. Put it to work chopping, grating, slicing, whisking, kneading, mincing, mixing, grinding, milling, blending or squeezing. Fast, gentle, tough and capable, it’s a true professional. And exciting to use.

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